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The Goal & Beyond

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TOCICO Annual Conference

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Tuesday, 22 June 2021
Time EDT
General TOCOperations and Supply ChainProjectsTOC + TechnologyStanding on the Shoulders of Giants
10:00Keynote – Vicky Mabin Extending TOC’s Reach – Using TOC with other Approaches
10:30Q&A Mabin
11:00Lisa Scheinkopf
Feelings Shmeelings: Using What You Sense and Feel to Think More Clearly
Sunil Davis Kolangaden & Puneet Kulraj
Solving the last mile obstacle for implementing a pull solution in retail: A case study
Satyashri Mohanty
Re-inventing CCPM for R&D Projects
Steve Tendon
Assessing Blockchain Technologies through the Six Technology Questions
Dr. Alan Barnard
Why it’s so EASY to make BAD decisions, and so HARD to learn from them when you do …
11:30Live Q&ALive Q&ALive Q&ALive Q&ALive Q&A
12:00Humberto Baptista
Local 2 Global – The Crucial Element to Achieve Synergy
Binay Srivastava & Vinay Chandra Kumar
Boosting Astrum Super Production to increase market share by using TOC principles
Philip Marris
The “2 for 1 rule” to reduce lead times and Work In Progress
Amir Schragenheim
TOC & Industry 4.0
Henry Camp
Capitalizing on Constraint Shifts
12:30Live Q&ALive Q&ALive Q&ALive Q&ALive Q&A
13:00Kathy Austin
Day-to-Day Thinking Process Tools: Personal & Professional Uses
S. Ananthan & Hariharaputhiran. H
Application of TOC Change Matrix to Scale up Hat Profiles- a New Product Category in Retail Structural Market
Ihab Girgis
Critical Path and Critical Chain – Can They Work in Harmony?
Danny Walsh
The Death of ERP
Bimlendra Jha
WWW . WWW – What Went Well . What Went Wrong – 2 Decades of Experiments with TOC
13:30Live Q&ALive Q&ALive Q&ALive Q&ALive Q&A
14:00Richard Zultner
Title: ToC + X : Your Personal Decisive Competitive Edge (DCE) ▲“3 Mountains” — Cost World, Throughput World, and Value World
Rakesh Sinha
100% and Beyond – Removing Obstacles from the Capacity Release Process
Alyssa Martin & Alex Oxford
Small Changes, Big Results: Maximizing Client Throughput in a Complex Tax Environment
John Ricketts
Constraint Management for Technical Strategy
Beau Ganas & Brad Stillahn
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: The Flow of Money, THE Number, & THE Constraint
14:30Live Q&ALive Q&ALive Q&ALive Q&ALive Q&A

Wednesday, 23 June 2021
Time EDT
Beyond SalesOperationsTOC for EducationGovernment + TOCStanding on the Shoulders of Giants
10:00Sanjeev Gupta – Flow Based Scheduling: Mining the Hidden Gold in Complex Operations
10:30Live Q&A
11:00Justin Roff-Marsh
Hypergrowth: Why revenue should be the responsibility of operations: never sales!
John Willis
The Ghost in the Machine: A Tale of Noise and Flow
Yasunaga Wakabayashi
The Value and Future of Education Programs on/with TOC for Education
Alfredo Mycue & Eli Schragenheim
The Government Environment: How Its Unique Characteristics Invite TOC Approaches
Alex Knight
How to Achieve a Breakthrough in an Industry with the Theory of Constraints
11:30Live Q&ALive Q&ALive Q&ALive Q&ALive Q&A
12:00Marina Ushakova
Compensation Systems for Sales Professionals
Dr. Lisa Lang
Manufacturing +TOC = 400 Success Stories
Eunyeong Jo
Students’ class examples of TOCfE thinking tools for building ‘the muscles of mind’ to overcome COVID-19
Jonathan Coneby
Stretched to the Max – Improving an Unemployment System that is Saving the Economy and Defending Against the Largest Public Sector Fraud Attack in US History
Dr. Lisa Anne Ferguson
Achieving Harmony in Organizations to become Ever-Flourishing
12:30Live Q&ALive Q&ALive Q&ALive Q&ALive Q&A
13:00Yatra Shah, Ramesh Jaiswal & Auroprakash Rout
Reducing the Payment Cycle time in Export Biz – Going beyond the goal using cutting edge Blockchain technology to question the Status Quo
Ray Immelman
How to really do TOC successfully: A ten-year case study.
Wonjoon Choi
How can the TOC Thinking Process be applied to teaching students to write an argumentative essay logically?
Raul Bianchi
Vaccination Plan against COVID -19 at warp speed
Rob Newbold
How to Make Buffers Your Friend
13:30Live Q&ALive Q&ALive Q&ALive Q&ALive Q&A
14:00Viki Slavin
DevOps Transformation Using TOC
Carol Ptak
It’s All About Flow – unifying methodological approaches
Danilo Sirias
Problem Solving Maps in the Philippines: a brief history
Caleb Sandford
COVID-19 Vaccinations Using the Five Focusing Steps of TOC
Hilbert Robinson & Tishauna Mullings
The Journey Begins – Partnering for Purpose, Peace and Prosperity
14:30Live Q&ALive Q&ALive Q&ALive Q&ALive Q&A

Thursday, 24 June 2021
Time EDT
TOC implementations with a changeAcademicTOC for EducationLeveraging TOCTOC and Human Behavior / HR
10:00Jack Warchalowski & Duncan Patrick – What to invest in? Technology or Benefits?
10:30Live Q&A
11:00Andy Watt
Applying The Goal in Financial Organisations
Boaz Ronen & Shimeon Pass
Where Should the Constraint Be and What to Do About It?
Jenilyn Corpuz
Enhancing Self-efficacy Through TOCfE Tools
Jindal SteelDr. James Holt
Transition from THE GOAL to CRITICAL CHAIN Project Management
11:30Live Q&ALive Q&ALive Q&ALive Q&ALive Q&A
12:00Katrina Giskes, Ben Freedman & Andrew Kay
Saving 100’s of Lives with the Theory of Constraints Reducing Stroke
Dr. Roy Stratton
TOC in Context: MBA Teaching of Operations, Project and SCM
Diana Montealegre Pedroza
Use of Tocfe tools with Highly Vulnerable Children
Rajeev Sharma
Leveraging TOC in Software Product Business – Relevance & Application
Shoshi Reiter
Mentors’ professional development for Harmonies Employee on-boarding, in Multimodal Interactions at PhysiTAL environment.
12:30Live Q&ALive Q&ALive Q&ALive Q&ALive Q&A
13:00Danilo Sirias & Dr. Gary Wadhwa
Reflections on the Use of TOC to Manage Healthcare Clinics

Joe Cheung, Vicky Mabin & Ian Yeoman
New Zealand Residents’ Perceptions of self-drive Tourism
Jeffrey Roth
Addiction and the Theory of Constraints
Panel Discussion:
Dr. Alan Barnard, Sanjeev Gupta, Ravi Gilani, Milan Gupta and Eli Schragenheim
How Can TOC Assist in Handling Major Emergency Situations?
Debi Roberts
TOC –  A Novel Approach to Sucide Intervention and Prevention 
13:30Live Q&ALive Q&ALive Q&ALive Q&A
14:00Victor Valchuk
Five Focusing Steps of Any Business Transformation
George Dekker
Reading The Goal backwards
Howard Wetsman
From The Goal to Novel Addiction Treatment
Graham Scott & Vicky Mabin
Using TOC to Investigate the Real Problem with Budgeting
14:30Live Q&ALive Q&ALive Q&ALive Q&A